My art comes into being through a natural flow, fueled by unwavering dedication. I relinquish all distractions and immerse myself fully in the creative process. It’s like running on empty, yet feeling a surge of energy at the same time.

Without this spark, the magic simply does not happen, and I cease my work. Occasionally, I’ll strike the right chord immediately, but then the process is over just as quickly. I begin with a basic idea, but it constantly evolves. Each canvas takes on a life of its own, with layers upon layers building depth and texture.

The act of observation is crucial, and the most challenging part is knowing when to stop. That is where the true art lies.

Portfolio Abstract

Portfolio Landscape

Studio (by appointment only)
Hoge Rijndijk 255
2382 AM Zoeterwoude
The Netherlands

T: +31 6 51 050 346

(Prices of paintings on request)